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Alkaline Coral Calcium Benefits

There are many reasons why the media and the people make such big fuss over the benefits of coral calcium. But the major ones are the fact that coral calcium contains many trace minerals, magnesium and calcium, which are needed by our human body. In addition, coral calcium is also known to contain perfect ratio of proper nutrients to the human body.

The Alkalizing Effect

Coral calcium is known to balance pH levels. It has a natural range of 10 to 11, meaning coral calcium can provide support to people who need to balance their acidity levels. It is considered that a person is acidic once their pH level falls below 7, while they are alkaline when the level reaches above 7.

This issue has been becoming a focus by some research because scientists believe that many illnesses are the result of increased acidity level within the person’s body.

Experts also believe that the people who have imbalanced pH have higher risk of exposing themselves to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, kidney stones, arthritis, and others.

Unfortunately, the imbalance is most of the time to be expected since most modern diet contains high acid-forming foods that the people are threatened to consume higher acid levels everyday.

Coral calcium is linked to imbalanced pH levels because of the natural pH level that it contains. While coral calcium dietary supplements do not cure said diseases, they keep your body’s pH level in sync with the body’s fluid; therefore enabling it to fight diseases effectively and naturally.

Coral Calcium and its Trace and Alkaline Minerals

As per the study, coral calcium has alkaline minerals, magnesium, calcium and many other essential trace minerals.

According to the scientists, proper alkalinity of your blood is crucial to your overall body health. The cells comprising your body are all slightly acidic and in order to survive must exist in a slightly alkaline environment of your body fluid.

Each of these cells performs special functions and every time it emits metabolic wastes, also acidic in form. These acidic metabolic wastes are the end products of your cellular metabolism and are critical that they don’t build up.

To avoid this, your body neutralizes and detoxifies those acids before they increase to another level which can alter the environment of your cells, overwhelm your system, and eventually lead to diseases.

Therefore, optimum alkalinity in your cellular level also means optimum health.

With the help of the alkaline minerals and other trace minerals, coral calcium allows your system to balance your pH level to your body fluids until it reaches 7.1 to 7.5, a balanced pH in human bodies.

Health Benefits Derived from Coral Calcium as Dietary Supplements:

• It balances pH levels
• It helps boost your immune system
• It contains highest HDL cholesterol density
• It contains perfectly balance of trace minerals
• It helps increase your blood alkalinity and its buffering capacity
• It cleanses intestines, liver and kidneys and breaking down serious metals in your body
• It helps strengthen your teeth and bones
• It encourages restful sleep
• It helps develop proper muscle contraction and nerve impulse transmission
• It provides maximum utilization and effortless absorption

Coral calcium supplements are also recommended for the following:

• pH levels
• Cure cancer
• Bone strength
• Diabetes
• Arthritis
• Heart diseases
• Lupus
• Immune system
• Restful sleep
• And a lot more degenerative diseases.


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