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Coral Calcium – Its Uses And Risks

Several years ago, manufacturers showed the public what coral calcium does for the overall health. They clearly emphasized that by taking the dietary supplements which are integrated with this pure and natural substance, the body gets an adequate amount of calcium in the body. As a result, the body is strengthened and is made to be more capable of fighting off disease and illness.

Coral Calcium and Its Many Uses

One can never be fully aware that he is in fact calcium deficient unless of course symptoms begin to show. The prominent calcium deficiency symptoms are the white spots that appear on the teeth and nails, arthritis, acne, severe cavities, high cholesterol, cancer, fatigue, high blood pressure, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and cramps.

There are also several types of coral calcium supplements. They range from the pill, capsule, liquid, up to the powder form. All of them are able to provide the body with a more absorbable type of calcium which safeguards the health against all sorts of problems.

Coral calcium boasts of several uses. It mainly acts as a preventive measure prior to the materialization of any disease or illness. Calcium itself amplifies the body’s immune system and therefore enables it to fight against bacteria, viruses, cancers, and parasites.

This nutritional supplement is known to reverse any indication of osteoporosis. You see, calcium is by and large a major element in shaping the bone’s health. Thus, you should become aware that some food ingredients may drain the calcium out of your system. Refrain from taking in foods that contain high oxalic acid content and refined sugar, cranberries, spinach, and the rhubarb.

The supplement is likewise proud to contain the harmonious ratio of calcium to magnesium that is, 2:1. This simply states that there is a maximum absorption level towards the bloodstream.

The Risks Revealed

Undoubtedly, the popularity of coral calcium supplements among today’s consumers is unwavering. However, there is never a good packaging, so to speak. With the good side comes the bad side. Meaning to say, taking these products also bring forth a couple of risks. As a user of such, you should make it a point to know what these risks are.

First of all, it is risky to combine different kinds of dietary supplements or to take them while undergoing medications. This applies to both the over the counter and prescription drugs. Side effects are sure to arise if this will be ignored.

Too much of something is bad for the health. It matters that you follow the instructions and dosages indicated in the label.

There is a big difference between the pure calcium and coral calcium supplements. The latter bears numerous trace minerals aside from calcium. The very popular Okinawa oral calcium grains, for example, contain about 25% calcium. The other 75% or so is made up of a variety of compounds. Thus, combining the supplement with other drugs that have the same kind of ingredients may lead to an overdose.

Other minerals included in the product are zinc, iron, potassium, manganese, selenium, and magnesium. If you combine coral calcium products with the other supplements that contain the same ingredients, then, you risk your own health.

Overall, it is wise to consult no one but a licensed health care professional prior to taking coral calcium nutritional supplement to ensure that the safety of your own health is your priority.


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