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Coral Calcium – Taking A Look At Its Chemistry

What comprises coral calcium supplements that are widely sold nowadays?

Its Nature and Derivation

By nature, coral calcium is basically the salt of calcium that is taken out of the fossilized coral reefs. As everyone happens to know, the living coral reefs can never be touched as they are considered the most endangered marine life. Harvesting the salt of calcium from them will obviously create damage to the entire ecosystem. Thus, the normal equilibrium will be disturbed.

It is further in connection with this that coral calcium is derived from those coral reefs that have become fossilized. It is harvested by means of grinding up the limestone deposits from the above-ground. These were once a part of the coral reefs under the sea.

The calcium that is derived from the coral reef sources should be refined. The process is aimed at the removal of the pollutants that exist in the source environment. Nowadays, it is marketed as one form of dietary supplement. There are several claims that the supplement is able to bring forth ounces of health benefits over its counterparts. However, the experts are yet to unravel their findings.

Another popular product is the one that is derived from Okinawa, an island in Japan. The corals on the island are said to have the trace minerals in them. Thus, the people on the island enjoy the health benefits because their drinking water runs through these coral reefs. However, some arguments have surfaced too. One of which is the possible contamination of the drinking water due to the high mercury and lead content of the corals.

Corals also take several millenniums to grow so environmentalists are largely bothered about the constant harvesting of the calcium contained in the fossilized coral reefs. They are afraid that when time comes that the demand for it grows, the manufacturers might dare touch the live coral reefs.

Its Chemistry at a Glance

What makes up coral calcium? Primarily, it is made up of calcium carbonate along with small quantities of magnesium, zinc, and several other trace minerals. Its calcium carbonate content is fairly the same with the rest of its kind that can be found in other sources. The difference lies in the amount of trace minerals that they contain.

Scientists have further given more than enough attention to the capacity of the calcium carbonate to enhance the alkalinity or pH level of those water-based solutions to which it is mixed up. When it comes to the alkalinity and pH level, the calcium content is lesser important than its carbonate component. Such can be compared to the bicarbonate content found in baking soda.

Its Production
To be able to harvest it, the coral grains are being mined from the fossilized coral beds along the coastlines. They are then pumped from the coral beds towards the shallow waters. After obtaining the grains, they are ground until they turn into a fine powder. It is heated by up to about 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. It is then ozonated. The finished product is then bottled or encapsulated for retail selling.

Coral calcium dietary supplements are now being marketed worldwide. No official announcements yet backup all of the health benefit claims. Thus, be wise to consult your physician prior to taking any of those for safety purposes.


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