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Coral Calcium: Goes Beyond Bone Healing

With the increasing number of health supplements these days, you might get confused as to which product will bring you more benefits. First, you have to ask yourself, "What kind of supplement does your body needs?" If you think, it's bone healing that your body requires, then why don't you go for a calcium supplement?

Calcium is a very important mineral needed by the body in order to have stronger bones. But do you know that the benefit of calcium does not end there? It actually goes beyond healing, and that is through a supplement known as coral calcium.

What is coral calcium?

As the name implies, coral calcium comes from coral reefs, which are living organisms that can be found in the ocean off the islands of Japan, specifically Okinawa. However, this supplement is not produced directly from living coral reefs, but instead from a deceased one. When these coral reefs die naturally, they descend to the ocean floor and eventually washed up on shore. This later on is turned to coral calcium, which is really high in calcium content because of the tiny polyps that feed on lots of mineral-rich plankton.

How does coral calcium benefit you, aside from bone healing?

Although there are no clear medical evidences or clinical studies which can prove that coral calcium can treat over 200 diseases, it is still proven to be beneficial in many other ways, aside from bone healing. These include the following:

1.) Promotes the healthy functioning of the heart
2.) Lowers blood pressure
3.) Makes teeth stronger
4.) Helps nutrients disperse across the cell membranes
5.) Combats osteoporosis
6.) Prevents pregnancy problems
7.) Reduces premenstrual syndrome
8.) Alleviates the body from "free radical damage"
9.) Prevents degenerative diseases
10.) Helps overcome calcium deficiency

Can coral calcium fight diseases?

As mentioned above, although some manufacturers claim that coral calcium can cure over 200 diseases, including cancer, this is still left unproven. But as far as fighting diseases is concerned, it can very much provide that. However, it must be combined with spring water or drinking mineral, which has higher pH factor and is rich in oxygen, and other elements or minerals that can very much provide the body with that natural ability to fight diseases. Plus, of course, other healthy measures should be observed such as consumption of plant-based nutrients, regular exercise, and living a less stressful lifestyle.

The benefits of coral calcium really go beyond bone healing. Overall, it helps you achieve a well-balanced body. But since its use can very much be abused, you might as well consult a nutritionist before you take one. Just like other supplements, improper intake of coral calcium can pose several damages. So, be sure to get that proper prescription to know the appropriate ingesting procedures.

And one more thing, although coral calcium supplements provide lots of benefits aside from bone healing, you must keep in mind some precautions before taking them. If you have kidney disease or a poor functioning kidney, you should avoid taking coral calcium. Although some manufacturers claim that more supplements mean better health, this could be false in some cases.

So again, the most important thing to do is to consult a physician first to make sure you obtain your goal towards a stronger and healthier body.


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