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Coral Calcium: Is It Really New And Different?

Calcium is a mineral that helps in strengthening the bones. It helps in muscle retrenchment, nerve conveyance and other necessary physiological functions. There are different milk products that claim that they have calcium and are targeted at different age ranges. Another source of calcium that is being tapped today is the coral. Coral calcium is “in” today.

What exactly is coral calcium? A coral is a stone-like hard substance that is consists of skeletons of animals. Corals often form large gathering resulting to coral reefs. As digestion process takes place, minerals are stored in these corals. The minerals in corals are considered inorganic. As the name insinuates, coral calcium comes from corals that are deposited in shallow waters. Coral calcium is a combination of about 70 different minerals with calcium as a large ingredient. It is a calcium salt obtained from corals that have fossilized.

Coral calcium is gathered from the endangered coral reefs and is done with outmost care. The gathering of coral calcium involves grinding lime stones that are above the ground and are once part of a coral reef. Once calcium is obtained from these lime stones, the calcium is refined to remove toxins from the resource environment.

Coral calcium is marketed as a dietary supplement. It claims that this calcium can help in treating different diseases. Okinawans are frequently cited as an example of the benefits of coral calcium. Researchers say that Okinawans live as long as 100 years because of their calcium rich water. Nonetheless, the Okinawans long life is not attributed to their water drinking habits as they are also below par with the world’s calcium intake. The Okinawans life longevity is attributed to their diet, exercise and disease prevention measures.

Coral calcium products claim that it can strengthen bones, teeth and can help in numerous physiological functions. It also claims that it has effects on the ph levels. Robert Barefoot claim that over 200,000 diseases are cured by coral calcium supplements. He also claims that 98% of people over 60 years of age are calcium deficient. The most sensational claim is that it can treat cancer. Experts do not agree on the claims of this man.

Barefoot’s claim on calcium deficiency and the benefits of calcium has stirred different experts from different fields. Barefoot also claimed that the body can self heal if given the proper minerals. He also initiated the idea the Okinawans long life is because of calcium. He asserted that in order to live longer and healthier, individuals must take coral calcium and get 2 hours exposure to sunlight.

Although calcium is very important in maintaining healthy bones, there has been no study on its effect to cancer. Studies say that coral calcium is just like any other calcium. The only difference is that it is derived from corals. In fact, coral calcium supplements are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration and are branded as fake. Doctors do not recommend coral calcium as it is very expensive.

Coral calcium is widely distributed and marketed through the internet. Different websites of companies promote their own variety of coral calcium supplements. They also claim benefits that are similar to Barefoot’s claim. Coral calcium supplements have not been proven effective to treat cancer and have the same benefits as other calcium products.

The difference is that coral calcium is more expensive than common calcium enriched products.


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