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Coral Calcium Supplement As The Best Calcium Source

The wide popularity of coral calcium supplement as the best source of calcium is unwavering. People from all over the world have heard of it and are in fact curious to try it. The main question is that, what makes it so famous above all the other calcium supplements out in the market? What comprises it that makes it as the best source of calcium?

Coral Calcium Defined

For sure you are also wondering about its essence. Basically, coral calcium is what is known as calcium carbonate which is made up of the varieties of essential trace minerals. It is taken from the fossilized or dead coral reefs which are spotted above sea level. Since it undergoes an environmentally friendly process, harvesting it doesn't disrupt Mother Nature's natural equilibrium. It is generally free from all sorts of impurities so it is known to furnish up to approximately 40% of elementary ionic calcium that easily gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

Apart from calcium, it likewise contains magnesium, zinc, and several other vital minerals in such a perfect ratio.

The Health Benefits Enumerated

Nowadays, numerous companies manufacture the coral calcium supplements in their aim of promoting its health benefits. The finished products came in various forms like the liquid, pill, tablet, and powder.

Taking it as a supplement promotes a line of long-term advantages. It helps overcome joint pains, reverse the effects of osteoporosis, aids in the cure of depression, PMS, muscle cramps, kidney stones, colon cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and several forms of illnesses associated with calcium deficiency.

This calcium source bears the highest good cholesterol or HDL density. It aims to make the teeth and bones strong, detoxifies the body, makes the nails and hair healthy, and cleanses the liver, intestines, and kidney. To top it all, it performs well in enhancing the immune system.

Despite the news that no formal scientific claims back up these health benefits, it is still undoubted that coral calcium does well for the overall health. People who have used the supplement are very much satisfied and have provided positive feedbacks.

Okinawa Coral Calcium

You must have heard of Okinawa or the island in Japan which is said to keep the most useful coral reefs. As a matter of fact, Okinawa manufactures the first-grade marine coral calcium that boasts of higher bio-availability and absorption rates. The coral reefs contain a perfect ratio of calcium and magnesium which is just right for the human body's consumption.

Taking the Supplement

Those who are calcium deficient should pair up coral calcium supplements with the vitamin D supplements. The normal dosage of which for those who have calcium deficiencies is between three up to four tablets in a day to be taken after meals. This of course depends on the doctor's advice. It is only right to ask the physician to check your condition before you buy any of the products in the market.

Choosing coral calcium supplement product is your own discretion. You will certainly find several manufacturers in your area who sell these nutritional supplements. You can also check out the reviews given to the product of your choice. The price varies so better make your own research.

Don't forget to check with your health care provider so he can assess your medical condition and guide you on the proper use of the product.


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