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How Coral Calcium Regulates Health

Studies show how approximately 150 diseases are blamed to be the end result of calcium deficiency. Generally, calcium is the mineral that is assigned in making the teeth and bones sturdy. However, little do several people know that it is the same mineral that maneuvers the body's metabolic functions. After all, calcium is one of the major minerals traced to be contained by the body. Coral calcium is hence the best source of this trace mineral!

In truth, about 40% of the body's mineral structure is made up of calcium. It is the main reason as to why it is labeled to be the "king of minerals". Calcium is compounded into the bones. The bone acts as the bank which saves the calcium deposits. It is released whenever the body has a need for it. With aging and the stress caused by today's lifestyle, some people tend to become calcium deficient. Therefore, osteoporosis and other degenerative diseases come as the end result.

The Process of Saving Up Calcium

You might be wondering as to how calcium gets deposited in the "bone bank". Well, the main sources are of course the foods that you eat. As it is digested, the digestive system turns over the calcium content for the absorption of the bloodstream. The excess calcium is the one that gets deposited to the bone. In this process, the digestive system is the source of the calcium that gets metabolized. When the system finishes with its role, it also cuts out on its function of supplying the ionic calcium towards the bloodstream.

Yet, the body continuously demands for calcium. So it takes the calcium deposits from the bone tissue or bone bank. It stops with its demands as soon as another batch of food is consumed.

Factors that Disrupt the Normal Flow

It may have been already picture-perfect except for some factors that disturb the wonderful balance in the normal flow of the body function. Among of them are the following:

Stress. When you get stressed out, your adrenal glands are activated. Stress has become a part of man's life. Aggravations come in different packages. As you feel the strain, these glands suck the ionic calcium out of your bone bank. It demands for a larger amount of calcium so when there is nothing more to consume, you become calcium deficient. Thus, the consumed calcium deposits must be replenished before the current deposit runs out. That is why stress management applies for people who often lose control of themselves.

Nutritional stress. This is caused by some of the foods and drinks that we take. Consuming carbonated drinks, for one, heightens your body's acidity level. You will need more calcium supplies to neutralize the acidity of your body.

Nutrient stress. Too bad that most farmers have to use fertilizers on their produce. Many of today's crops are subjected to a variety of chemicals which then leads to heavy phosphorus content that proves bad for the body's metabolic process.

Lack of calcium supply. Calcium supplements vary. Not all of them contain a balanced proportion of the trace minerals. So, it is really important for you to choose the right nutritional supplements to take. One good product is coral calcium.

Personal food choice. There are foods that are alkaline while there are those that are acidic. To get the best results, it matters that your eating habit should be regulated.

Don't let these factors ruin your health. Get the boost in your immune system and metabolism by taking coral calcium supplements.


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