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Know the Wonders of Okinawa Coral Calcium

Okinawa, Japan – a popular tourist destination for a lot of people. But for those who are more concerned about their health, this place goes far beyond a tourist spot. It's actually a place that offers amazing coral reefs which are sources of highly-beneficial calcium called coral calcium. These coral reefs are living organisms; but they are not destroyed just to produce the needed coral calcium supplements.

Instead, they are allowed to die naturally. Once the deceased coral descends to the ocean floor and becomes washed up on shore, this is collected and turned to a supplement.

Now, perhaps you've heard about these two terms: marine coral calcium and fossilized coral calcium. Although both of these are great sources of Okinawa coral calcium, they are very much distinctive. The marine coral calcium, which is also known as "below sea" coral calcium, is coral calcium harvested from the ocean bottom. It is said that when coral is harvested from the bottom of the ocean floors, it is more contaminated.

Thus, when producing coral calcium from this source, it must be heated to extremely high temperature in order to eliminate most of the heavy metals and toxins. The fossilized coral calcium, on the other hand, is less exposed to ocean's toxins, thus it does not require heating in extremely high temperature. What it needs is simple ozone treatment to kill present bacteria.

Although there are some contamination issues in marine coral calcium, Okinawa coral calcium is still proven to be very rich in calcium. And unlike ordinary calcium supplement, this provides added nutrients like sodium, magnesium, and potassium. So, if you will compare it to other health supplements being offered in the market today, you will see that Okinawa coral calcium provides more health benefits, especially in terms of fighting and preventing diseases associated with calcium deficiency.

But aside from fighting and preventing diseases, there are other long-term health benefits connected with Okinawa coral calcium supplement intake. These include stronger bones and teeth, reduced premenstrual syndrome, healthier functioning of the heart, and increased oxygen level to prevent toxin build-up. It is also found out to be extremely helpful in fighting against chronic fatigue syndrome, kidney stones, hypertension, gallstones, muscle cramps, and high cholesterol. And if you are pregnant, you will also find this very beneficial since this helps prevent pregnancy problems like preeclampsia.

Now, you might ask, "Does Okinawa coral calcium cures diseases?" The answer is no, as there is no proven study which can attest to what some coral calcium supplement manufacturers claim that their product can cure over 200 diseases. But it does help fight and prevent diseases like arthritis, heart diabetes, cancer, and gall and kidney stones.

How does it help protect the body from all these? Simple. By keeping the body's pH alkaline level balanced. However, for this supplement to become more effective in providing such benefit, it should be partnered with healthy diet, regular exercise, and of course, a healthier lifestyle.

Okinawa coral calcium can really bring a significant effect to your overall health. And since it does not interfere with other nutrients' activities in the body, you can always take other health supplements with it. But be sure to ask your physician about the proper ingesting procedures for this product.

Take note: too much consumption of health supplements may be dangerous to your health.


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