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Liquid Coral Calcium - What Does It Have To Offer?

For those who are not aware about how liquid coral calcium is derived and what it does for the body, this article will fully explain the facts.

Its Form and Components Explained

Coral calcium is one special form of calcium carbonate which is achieved by grinding up the limestone above the ground. It is mainly taken from the fossilized coral reefs found above sea level. The main source of which is the dead coral reef since the process doesn't mean to disturb the equilibrium in the ecosystem. The law protects all live coral reefs since they are parts of the most endangered marine species. Nevertheless, coral calcium is the pure and very refined variant of calcium carbonate. It is also made up of several trace minerals such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium in appropriate quantities.

As a Worthy Supplement

Coral calcium is in itself a basic material of the manufactured premium calcium supplement. Many products of this kind are already out in the market and are enjoying the popularity. They come in the forms of pill, capsule, tablet, liquid, and powder. Among them, it is claimed that the liquid coral calcium is the easiest to digest. Hence, it is highly recommended to be used by the children under 10 years old and the elderly people with a more sensitive digestive system.

The Myriad of Health Benefits

Just like any other calcium supplement, the liquid coral calcium promotes a healthy well-being and long-term health. It aids in boosting bone health and the immune system. It is known to treat some illnesses which are related to calcium deficiency. Among of which are joint pains, falling hair, weak hair, muscle cramps, yellowness of the teeth, and brittle nails. With its efficiency in keeping the health in its top shape, taking this calcium supplement enables the body to become protected against many diseases.

The liquid calcium supplement does well in addressing problems associated with pre-menstrual syndrome among women, depression, gallstones, kidney stones, colon cancer, frequent headaches, and Alzheimer's disease. The supplement doesn't necessarily provide the treatment but it is able to lessen the symptoms of these illnesses and diseases. More so, it aids in fighting off osteoporosis along with several other degenerative diseases.

Women who are past their 40s or those who are already in the postmenopausal stage are facing the risk of having osteoporosis. The main reason for which is because at this certain age, they become calcium deficient. It is recommended that they take a diet which is high in calcium along with calcium supplements that are to be taken on a regular basis.

The Dosage

When taking the liquid form of the supplement, between one up to three tablespoons will do. The dosage will suffice one day's need. It is also essential to take the supplement after meals to avoid feeling any discomfort. Take note that it is not good to consume more than the ordinary dosage. Don't exceed 2000 mg of calcium because too much of it in the blood can harm your health.

Overall, the liquid coral calcium supplement is advisable to be taken by people belonging to all age groups. It is not only easily absorbed by the body with the presence of the stomach acid and assists in proper digestion but it similarly supplements any persisting calcium deficiency.

Before taking this supplement, it is always best to consult your doctor.


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